The Art of C.O.R.E


Why this Book?

One aspect of creativity is the combination and application of ideas or concepts that have not been linked before.

The C.O.R.E. challenge is a coaching program that gets people into action around a goal, project, or desired outcome that they haven’t been able to achieve as they hoped. The program dives into the disciplines of Communication, Organization, Responsibility, and Excellence. The application of C.O.R.E. is a never-ending improvement in these areas on a personal level, group, or general society. The concept presents the possibility of focusing on these 4 principles as an opening to improving and achieving everything you desire.

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How to use this book?

Take 21 days to read the 21 principles of this book. Although short, each quote is to be meditated upon until something from within comes up for the reader. At least 20 minutes is recommended to dwell upon each day.
Self-discovery, growth, and transformation are available within the pages of this book.


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