C.O.R.E.: An extraordinary, interactive 21-Day Challenge to reset dreams and goals


Internationally recognized, global disaster interventionist, Dan Nzinga takes us through an unprecedented exploration behind what propels us toward success and failure. With warm clarity and exacting layers of personal experience, Dan Nzinga’s C.O.R.E. 21-Day Challenge helps participants unravel the repeat cycles that thwart us from achieving our goals and dreams. C.O.R.E. is a fully interactive exercise that leads participants from one level of self-discovery to the next with lasting results, using calendars, self-discipline, introspection, and building blocks that transform us from mere followers to community leaders. Nzinga’s C.O.R.E. Challenge can be readily applied in the corporate setting, artistic endeavors, and the global stage, as evidenced by his major contributions during the 2010 Haiti Earthquake disaster relief efforts. The principles applied in C.O.R.E. earned Dan Nzinga multiple awards, which he gladly shares with seminar participants around the world and are now, finally, offered in print format as a life-changing, go-to study manual.

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