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How it Works

This is the challenge!

Business is a challenge! Being a startup is challenging but you can do it!


What's Included in the 21-Day Challenge?

Participants will receive daily action steps that move them forward to their desired outcome.

This 21-day challenge entails reading a few paragraphs per day, writing, listening, and doing a task every day. 24 hours is allotted for each day, and the completed assignments will be checked, and progress will be evaluated.

Participants need to have a notebook to write in, and Whatsapp to receive the written content and listen to the daily audio.

What's Expected of You During the 21-Days?

These challenges designed to be intensive and that participants are held accountable for their declarations they make within the program.

Where there are breakdowns, coaching will be available.

Participants are expected to go 21 days straight without missing a day of being in action.

This is the challenge!


Our 21-Day Challenges

Our challenges start on the first of every month and run for 21 days. You must be a member to join any of our challenges. Please visit our membership page to learn about the benefits and to join.

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